Kathryn Way is a comedian & writer in Houston, Texas. She spent time at Second City in Chicago, & her work has appeared on BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, Funny or Die, Playboy, & unauthorized t-shirts from companies that steal jokes from the internet & sell them to teens FOR $30 A POP. Kathryn wouldn’t even pay $30 for her own joke. The first time her mom found her Twitter account, she asked, “Katie, are you trying to ruin my fucking life?” Only her mom can call her Katie.

Kathryn’s comedy is “not for the faint of heart” (says her entire family), but one time her dad watched one of her sets that was like 80% filth & he said it was delightful, so, it’s whatever. Kathryn's comedy is of the feminist, personal, political, subversive, & sometimes absurd variety, that punches up, not down. Kathryn appreciates inclusivity, intersectionality, & not being a complete shithead to underrepresented folks & oppressed groups of people in both comedy & regular life.

Kathryn also writes very openly about living with mental illness, surviving assault, & her struggle with PTSD & depression - it's absolutely hilarious (jk it makes a lot of people uncomfortable, but she thinks it's important to erase the stigma & show others they're not alone).

She is an artist in residence at Rec Room, where she has 2 monthly shows: a comedy variety show (proceeds go to a different charity every month), So Like Basically with Kathryn Way, & SHITSHOW, a sketch comedy show she writes with her writing partners, Stacey Daniels & Hoja Lopez. You can also come to other shows that she did not book, or you can just follow her on the online, where she actually lives full time. Keep an eye out for her first comedy album, I Got Pregnant From Kissing, in late 2017.

An entire intact pineapple, April 2017

Men holding up fish in their Facebook profile photos, July 2016