As a Social Media Coordinator in my professional life & a social media personality in my private life, I have taken the solemn vow to never log off. I’ve been plugged into the mainframe (computer - that’s the computer that one uses to get online) for over 15 years. I was teaching myself to code at 14, had a cult LiveJournal (sorry) following by 16, & was on the coveted first page of ancient hipster artifact, by 17.

My background in design, branding, & social media management turned me into a seasoned veteran well-versed in community management, strategy, multimedia content creation, copywriting, analytics, & consulting. With a particular focus on creative media & data-driven decisions to increase reach & engagement, I wear several hats at once. I create all necessary components for social media campaigns, including shooting & editing video, infographics, illustrations, copywriting & editing, logos, photography & graphic imagery, as well as creating detailed reports in Sprout Social & Google Analytics alongside detailed market research.

In 2017, the average person now heads to social media before making decisions or spending money on a specific company. Not only does this serve as proof that the business in question is legitimate, it also gives consumers a fully-fleshed idea of the company’s brand, leading to brand loyalty & increased sales. Allow me to analyze your current social media presence, generate reports, & present you with a comprehensive proposal with hard data & creative solutions to take you to the next level.

Send me an email for more information on pricing, availability, or to request a CV & portfolio.